Can You Afford to Gamble with Your Family Vacation?

When busy work schedules demand 50 weeks of the year and leave us with only a 2-week break – can you afford to gamble with your family vacation?

You could look at a holiday brochure and pay the package price, but the rest is a gamble until you get there and open the door to your room. And, we all know that standards not up to par will completely ruin your much-anticipated vacation experience.

Alternatively, you can join 750 000 timeshare owners and vacation club members in South Africa, and more than 25 million worldwide, who are enjoying an unparalleled level of style and quality vacations with access to over 400 resorts in southern Africa and 5 000 globally through exchange companies such as RCI.

Spacious condominium-style accommodations provide enough room for the family to unwind as well as privacy for holiday romance. The wide array of resort amenities and first-class service is synonymous with internationally recognised brands. Hospitality giants such as Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, Sheraton, Wyndham, Disney and locally Tsogo Sun and Sun International have all dramatically changed the face of the industry and heightened the awareness of shared vacation ownership as a viable and credible vacation choice that makes the world your playground.

When you think about it, parents have on average only 18 annual family holiday experiences to give their children. So, don’t gamble on those memories – take the sure bet with shared vacation ownership.