CGSO website re-directs VOASA complaints to ITCS webpage

VOASA related complaints lodged on the CGSO webpage will now be  automatically re-directed to the ITCS webpage.

Queen Munyal, CGSO CEO, explains: “One of the legacies of lockdown has been that people are increasingly self-reporting via our website. Therefore, it was essential to help consumers determine if they have come to the right place or whether another alternate dispute resolution body is better suited to dealing with their complaint.

“Accordingly, we recently launched an appliction on our website designed to eliminate ‘out of jurisdiction complaints’ and ensure that complainants follow due process by allowing suppliers to resolve the issue before reporting it to us. We have also made the process more transparent by providing a clearer picture of the complaints process and the expected timelines involved in each step,” said Munyal.

To gain a first-hand understanding of this update, VOASA visited the CGSO website, and followed the steps to submit a timeshare complaint.

  1. After answering the preliminary questions and selecting the timeshare complaint category, we were asked if the provider was a member of VOASA.
  2. When clicking YES, we were re-directed  to the VOASA website’s Submit A Complaint page.

This is a positive development for timeshare complaints handling and is also testament to the fact that VOASA’s Independent Timeshare Complaint Service (ITCS) has gained the confidence of the CGSO.

Photo credit: Freepik / senivpetro

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