Please note that by completing and submitting the Complaint Form, you agree to the terms and conditions of the Independent Timeshare Complaint Service (the ITCS), which is an independent service reserved for consumer complaints relating to members of VOASA only.


  1. I confirm that I have approached the VOASA member with the complaint but have not been able to resolve the matter.
  2. I agree to provide my full co-operation to the ITCS in order to resolve the matter within the timeframes.
  3. I confirm that the matter is not being dealt with by another dispute-settlement body or Ombud Scheme and that while the ITCS is handling the complaint I will not enter into discussions with another dispute-settlement body or Ombud Scheme.
  4. I confirm that the complaint is not subject to any legal action. Please note that the ITCS does not deal through lawyers or legal representatives and needs to be able to communicate directly with the complainant.
  5. I agree that during the ITCS managed process:
    • I will not be represented by a legal representative.
    • I will not publish any details of my complaint in any form of media.
  6. I agree to the following facilitation process:
    • The complainant must complete and submit the complaint form via the website.
    • The complainant will receive a reply from the ITCS with the reference number allocated to the complaint.
    • The complaint will be forwarded to the concerned VOASA member for a reply.
    • The VOASA member will have 15 (fifteen) business days to resolve the matter.
    • The ITCS will confirm with the complainant and the VOASA member that the complaint has been resolved.
    • The ITCS closes the complainant file.
  7. If no resolution is reached, the complainant has the right to refer the complaint to the Consumer Goods and Services Ombud (CGSO) or applicable dispute-settlement body/regulator.