“This is our home away from home. We visit Ngwenya Lodge 7 times a year. It is absolutely awesome with its unparalleled ambiance, tranquillity and panoramic bush views. The staff are phenomenal and their service is professional. The quality units provide trouble-free stays. We are always sad to leave Ngwenya Lodge.”

- Thys and Denise Bytendach (timeshare owners for 15 years at Ngwenya Lodge)

“For 32 years we took our annual vacation at Costa Smeralda resort in Margate. We love the tranquillity of the environment and the special friends we have made with the management over the years. Due to COVID we received points and became involved with First Exchange. They have excellent booking agents and the resorts are outstanding with so many to choose from – a real home away from home experience.”

- Jim Louw (timeshare owner for 32 years at First Resorts and member of First Exchange for 2 years)

“What we love most about our timeshare is sitting on the balcony without a hassle in the world while we watch the wildlife wander by. Paying our levies for two timeshares is a pleasure as we to take a break twice a year, 6 months apart. The staff are fantastic and so is the resort.”

- Terry and Wend Lappan (timeshare owners of 2 different weeks for more than 20 years at Ngwenya Lodge)

“I love the fact that it is so flexible and that I can choose quite a few holidays periods at different venues within any Provice in our country for each year. It also allows me to provide holiday breaks in the form of vouchers as gifts to my family and friends.”

- Shaun Julie (member of Quality Vacation Club for 2 years)

“I love the fact I could travel overseas and also get discounts on holidays. The staff are friendly and helpful and I can look forward to visiting new resorts every year.”

- Ntombi Khumalo (member of Quality Vacation Club since 2006)