“I am able to go on holiday or short breaks often during the year. This was wonderful when my two boys were young, their friends would come along too, and then when they left home I was able to holiday with close friends. I have done various holidays in Canada where my oldest son and his family live, as well as holidays in Europe. I am hoping, when travel is easy again, to book some timeshare in UK as my youngest son and his family have moved there. I have loved my regular bush breaks and really look forward to them. I am now on the Seniors plan, which suits me as I prefer to go away out of school holidays. I have been a member for over 25 years and have never regretted it.”

- Susan Parkes (member of Dream Holiday Club for over 25 years)

“Hmmm… where do I start.  I just love everything. They have the best Resorts that have everything you need including the activities. Forever friendly & helpful staff. Easy to book online and if there's a problem you just email them and you get help immediately. They forever have specials & they always keep us up to date of what is happening. We really feel that we are part of the family. I even top up my points regularly so that I can have more & more holidays.”

- Pinky Paulus (member of Dream Holiday Club)

“I’ve never had an issue with a booking or my stay. I love that I can book any time anywhere. There are beautiful resorts and beautiful locations. The facilities and resorts are well maintained and kept up to date. Truly a home away from home."

- Annilduth Ramnarain (member of Dream Vacations Club for 15 years)