Independent Timeshare Complaint Service

The Independent Timeshare Complaint Service (ITCS) was established as an alternative timeshare dispute resolution agent between VOASA members and consumers. Through this service, the ITCS endeavours to facilitate a fair resolution within the ambit of the timeshare industry Code of Conduct. However, the ITCS does not have enforcement powers and as such, cannot force VOASA members to accept its recommendations should one be made or force consumers to accept any offer that may be made.

The ITCS is free-of-charge and only applies to complaints involving VOASA’s members. If you are unsure if the company you wish to register a complaint or inquiry about is a member, you can check our member directory.

Member Directory



Purchasing a timeshare

  • Buy because you plan to take holidays in the future. Consider your purchase as an investment in future holidays and not in real estate or any other type of financial investment.
  • Consider your finances and what you value most in a holiday. Do you want to return to the same favourite holiday spot each year or do you prefer the flexibility of exploring new destinations? Then explore the ariety of  options and choose one that will suit your family’s needs today and into the future.
  • Read all the documents carefully and ensure that you understand what type of product you are being offered. Ask for a clear explanation of the terminology and purchase terms.
  • Be careful when purchasing a holiday product that sounds like timeshare but isn’t registered under timeshare legislation. Ensure that the company you decide to go with is a VOASA member as they are required to adhere to a Code of Conduct, which ensures best practice in all aspects of their business dealings.

Exiting a timeshare

Timeshare is a use product and your life circumstances may have changed since you purchased it, in which case it may make more sense for you to rather consider the following options.


  • By renting you can keep your timeshare for a holiday later down the road should your circumstances change. Renting will also give you the peace of mind knowing that another family is enjoying the benefits of timeshare instead of your unit standing empty.
  • Some resorts have their own rental programmes, so it’s best to contact them first to see if they can assist you. If not, there are a number of timeshare resale companies that offer rental services and can help you list your timeshare for rent through their website.
  • Check that the company you decide to go with is registered with VOASA as all members agree to abide by a Code of Conduct to ensure industry best practice.

2. EXITING AN AGREEMENT (for Points Clubs)  

  • If the agreement is within the cooling off period, which for VOASA members is ten (10) business days from conclusion of the agreement,  you can cancel without any cost by sending the company a written request to cancel.
  • If the cooling off period has expired, then exiting the agreement will depend on the cancellation terms of your signed agreement, which most often make allowance to mitigate a cancelled membership.

3. SELLING A TIMESHARE (for shareblocks) 

  • Contact your resort management, timeshare developer, holiday club or body corporate / homeowners’ association to discuss the kind of programmes they have in place for owners who wish to exit.
  • Find out if the resort management company offers a resale programme or are affiliated with a broker to handle resales.
  • Verify that the resale agent is an accredited VOASA member as all members abide by a Code of  Conduct to ensure best business practice.
  • Check whether other owners at your resort wish to purchase more time.
  • Remember to notify your resort and exchange company in writing when you have sold.