Everything Women Look for in Vacations

It is a widely-known fact that women are increasingly taking charge of household decisions, and topping that ‘TO DO’ list is the planning of vacations. Deciding when, where and how they and their loved ones will spend their vacation has the distinct influence of a women’s touch.

For those whose idea of getting away from the pressures back home includes the luxury and comforts of a holiday home, then shared vacation ownership is the natural choice. This vacation plan offers women what they are looking for in luxurious accommodation that offers spacious bedrooms, lounges, dining areas and fully-kitted modern kitchens compared to traditional hospitality accommodations with small rooms and the discomfort of sharing amenities with other guests.

“Not only do we know that women are key decision makers in planning vacations, we understand their vacation expectations too,” says Alex Bosch, spokesperson for the Vacation Ownership Association of Southern Africa (VOASA). “Therefore, a large amount of resources and time is invested in constantly refurbishing the portfolio of accommodation and services to ensure that the already great vacation value offered becomes an even-better way to give women, and their loved ones, the meaningful and memorable vacation they deserve”.

This way you don’t need to own a luxury holiday home with an ocean view or a rustic log cabin in the mountains. With shared vacation ownership, it’s like owning your own dream holiday home, with all its luxuries and amenities, wherever you want that home to be each year.

With VOASA’s exclusive portfolio of member properties there’s a wide choice of accommodation in resorts, golf villas, apartments, chalets or all suite properties located in the country’s most desired holiday destinations. Signature entertainment activities, including exciting children’s programmes, and the flexibility of dining-in or treating yourself to top-rated restaurants will ensure that all the boxes are ticked when it comes to exceeding holiday expectations.

Whether you book a year in advance or a short notice trip, vacation ownership allows you to pick up when the mood strikes and alleviates the stress of needing sufficient cash to pay for accommodation on the spur of the moment. And, with the expense of your annual vacation spread over 52 weeks, the benefit of a pre-paid vacation means more available cash for fun holiday activities.

So, don’t think ‘break’ or ‘get away’ when planning the next chapter in yours and your loved one’s holiday memoirs. Instead give your vacation the women’s touch it deserves by building a legacy of memories the shared vacation way.

The Kingdom Resort in the North West Pilanesberg Region