Q & A with Associate Member Fungi Energy

It’s always exciting to welcome Associate members to the VOASA family, but especially so when they are just entering the timeshare market. Matthew Koller,  Fungi Energy GM, shares insights on their services and what they’re most excited about as a VOASA Associate member.

Question: What made Fungi decide to become a member?

The timeshare industry represents a significant portion of the energy sector in the country. In light of the current energy crisis, Fungi is perfectly aligned with the pressing need for resorts and timeshare businesses to reduce operating costs and their demand on the network. We are therefore looking forward to learning more about the industry and the opportunity to introduce Fungi to the VOASA network.

Question: Can you tell us more about your products and service

Fungi offers a Smart Metering, Data Analysis and if required a Utility Billing service (tariff analysis and optimisation) all on our interactive digital platform. With numerous guests on site in a typical resort property, Fungi is able to provide not only a bulk check meter to monitor what the municipality is charging, but most importantly sub-metering and an understanding of exactly what each consuming point is using, in 15-minute intervals and with associated costs. With built in Machine Learning (ML) our platform is able to forecast your daily, weekly and monthly consumption allowing you to understand what your current site behaviour will result in, in terms of costs, at the end of the month.

Question: What do you hope to gain out of your VOASA membership?

We are looking forward to hope to assisting VOASA members drive their operational expenditure down and thereby limit the economic impact loadshedding is having on resorts and other timeshare businesses. We also look forward to a long-term association during which we can help the industry to achieve greener and more sustainable timeshare properties that achieve the Carbon Footprint reduction goals.


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