VOASA members working to improve their environmental impact: Magalies Park Resort

Situated on 120-hectares of scenic parklands in the North West Province, Magalies Park Resort has made great strides in responding to the heightened global awareness of eco-friendly alternatives.

A long list of environment and sustainability projects makes this resort a prime example of true commitment when it comes to a wide variety of ongoing green social responsibility initiatives that protect local wildlife and the environment. At the outset, a conscious effort was made to start with a few initiatives that would make a direct impact on the environment, monetary savings and to sensitise guests by showing them how easy it is to contribute towards environmental issues.

Today, the resort has a long list of eco-sensitive projects that play an important role in the daily resort operations:

• An onsite recycling plant to sort plastic, paper and wet waste.
• A worm farm in the onsite nursery that produces organic fertilizer used throughout the resort. The worms flourish from being fed the restaurant waste and other organic material from the resort like fine grass cuttings, which emphasises the value in recycling.
• A herb garden, which supplies the restaurant with fresh produce.
• A wood and chipping project to make compost during branch trimming season.
• Beehives that produce honey for purchase from the on-site grocery shop.
• A care programme for over 180 feral cats, which hunt mice and rats in the nearby bush.
• A free-standing house to shelter the resident pair of owls.
• A hotel for endangered bat species.
• A programme to re-home fish to Hartbeespoort Dam when the dams on the resort’s golf course become overpopulated.
• A care programme for the onsite baby buck until they are sold to local wildlife breeders.


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