Social Responsibility

Christel House

When it comes to giving back to the community, VOASA members are committed to helping children who are born into poverty to have a shot at life. This is achieved through a long-standing relationship with Christel House, a school situated in Cape Town that offers no-fee scholarships to students from some of the poorest neighbourhoods where unemployment, poverty, crime and drug abuse are rife.

Founder, Christel DeHaan, who was also the co-founder of RCI – the largest vacation exchange provider in the world – opened the doors to the first Christel House in 1998. Today, the charity operates schools on four continents. Since 2002, the South African timeshare industry captains have been passionate supporters of Christel House and were involved in the initial research and start-up activities. Over the years the industry has collectively provided more than R8 million in financial support.

This funding has helped transform many children’s lives
by helping them to become financially self-sustaining through
an education, socially thriving and actively contributing to
improve the communities from which they come.

Francois Louw: Director of Fundraising and Marketing at Christel House