Timeshare Is Keeping Up with The Times

After another banner peak season reported for the 2019 festive period, with occupancy rates averaging 90% across VOASA’s 180 affiliated resorts and other accommodations – it’s safe to say that timeshare is keeping up with the times!

While other hospitality sectors (including hotels, caravan and camping, guest houses and farms) are averaging an industry accommodation occupancy of 51.8% (according to StatsSA’s), year-on-year timeshare accommodations have enjoyed some of the highest occupancy rates, despite the tough economic climate. This is a clear indication that more than 500 000 timeshare owners and holiday club members in South Africa are actively taking holidays and enjoying their shared vacation ownership products.

The question then arises: What can the high occupancy rate of timeshare be attributed to?

When you look at it from the timeshare owner and holiday club members perspective, it’s easy to see the appeal: quality holidays that are affordable in today’s economy, plus the added value of having exchange programmes.

We love flexibility and choice, especially when planning our holidays. We have a different way of travelling when we’re with family, as healthy active adults and when we’re seniors. But most of all, you have all the conveniences of home – maintained and refurbished regularly. You have the familiarity of a favourite destination you can return to each year, guaranteed; or you can trade off your time to explore other destinations. Plus, the large variety of onsite activities keep children entertained, which is another big saving on holiday costs for families on a tight budget.