Why Rent?

Why Rent?

How will I benefit from renting a timeshare?

Timeshare owners will generally price their timeshare rental based on their annual maintenance fees so that they don’t lose money. This means non-owners can experience all the benefits of a timeshare holiday at an incredibly affordable price.

When you rent a timeshare, you’ll enjoy more spacious accommodation in a variety of sizes and styles with multiple bedrooms, separate living rooms and full kitchens, etc. Timeshare resorts also typically have a larger selection of on-site amenities, making it a perfect choice for a budget-friendly family getaway.

Try Before You Buy

Take advantage of the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ to get a first-hand experience of shared vacation ownership. However, if you develop an affinity with a particular resort, location or hospitality brand – then it makes more sense in the long term to rather buy than rent.

How to Book A Rental

Contact a VOASA accredited rental agent listed on our website or browse through our resort listing and when you find one that resonates with your holiday dream, contact them directly to enquire about available rentals.

How will I benefit from renting out my timeshare?

If you can’t use your timeshare, you can recover some of your cost for the year by renting it out through your Homeowners Association or timeshare company / holiday club.

Before selling or cancelling your shared vacation ownership, consider the option to rent and keep your timeshare for a vacation later down the road should your circumstances change. This way you will always be able to own a vacation. Renting also involves less risk than selling through a third-party exit company and potentially falling victim to a timeshare exit scam.

Renting will give you the peace of mind knowing that another family is enjoying all the benefits of timeshare instead of feeling guilty that your timeshare unit is sitting empty.

How to List A Rental

Contact a VOASA accredited rental agent listed on our website or speak to your Homeowners Association and timeshare company / holiday club as these companies and clubs often have their own rental programmes.