“I love the fact that the resorts are right on the beach. We love the sea and that is an awesome bonus. The resorts are all well maintained and spotlessly clean.”

- Sicily Margolis (member of Easy Holidays and LaLucia Sands Umhlanga)

“I love the flexibility and the ability to travel both locally and internationally. I've been to Scotland, England, Ireland, Lapland, Germany, France and Thailand using my timeshare - never mind all the local paces. It's also a wonderful gift for friends. Using my timeshare I've been able to experience things I wouldn't have otherwise purely because the accommodation cost was now suddenly affordable.”

- Patrizia Scott (member of Dream Vacation Club)

“I’ve been a member for many years and never had any issues with booking my accommodation. The places I have been to were top quality accommodation that I would never be able to afford if it was not for timeshare. The huge variety of resorts make it possible to mix my type of holidays from bush, sea or mountains – it’s all there.”

- Charl Esterhuizen (member of Dream Vacation Club)

“What I love most is to be able to take my family for holiday which normally is a week long.”

- Gezani Max Hobyani (member of Dream Vacation Club)

“What I love most is that the resorts are child friendly and my kids can enjoy a lot of activities. The scenery is awesome and breath-taking. There’s also a great vibe at the bar area where you can relax and enjoy the games and activities. The staff are very friendly and always on hand to assist.”

- Karen Williams (member of Dream Vacation Club)